About Us

Doug Sharpe hosts the National Leadership Briefing and serves as President of a National Citizen Action organization.

Believing that a healthy and functioning democracy requires the engagement of the citizens, Doug has dedicated much of the past 20 years to encouraging others to exercise their citizen influence on matters of politics and government.

Doug’s professional goals are to: 

Encourage, equip and mobilize people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens in their individual spheres of influence.

Speak out in the public arena on behalf of responsible, righteous and common-sense values.

To influence legislation and promote results based public policy at every level of government.

Doug welcomes the opportunity, at any time, to serve faith leaders, churches and citizens who want to become better informed about the processes of politics and civil government, policies impacting our nation and the responsibility of citizens to engage in creating a culture of positive change in Canada.

watch the national leadership promotional video below