Our Children and future Generations

Pillar #4

It Is Inappropriate For Civil Government To Heap Debt Upon The Backs Of Our Children And Future Generations.

Governments in Canada at all levels, continue to spend more money than they receive from taxpayers creating debt that our children and future generations will one day have to pay for through excessive taxation.

We believe that it is inappropriate to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.

So, spending money today, calling it an investment in our children’s future, when what it really is, is structural debt that will carry an interest rate long into the life of our children, is unacceptable fiscal policy.

Buying things today FOR US, that civil government will excessively tax OUR CHILDREN to pay for in the future, is

unacceptable – flat out.

Elected representatives who are not ACTIVELY working to remove the burden of debt from of the backs of our children do not qualify for our support.

For more information, please refer to The Four Pillar Story 

The Four Pillars are...

Parental Authority

Parents have the right to raise their children the way they want.

Right Of Belief

Those we elect to serve us in civil government must respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

Protection Of The Vulnerable

The laws and policies of civil government must provide for the safety and security of the citizens, especially the vulnerable.

Our Children And
Future Generations

It is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.