Right Of Belief

Pillar #2

Those We Elect To Serve Us In Civil Government Must Respect And Defend Our Right Of Belief And Freedom Of Religion.

This second pillar is of such great importance to all of us.

Note that it is those WE as citizen voters have chosen to SERVE US in government that are being referred to here.

It is also worthy of emphasis that we believe that our elected officials MUST respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion. Not “should” but rather MUST. A Non-negotiable point.

In other words, it is NOT okay for an elected person to act in a way, that would deny the citizen their right of belief and religious freedom…and to be clear here, we are talking about religious freedom for ALL people, and not just members of the faith communities of Canada.

This is now our litmus test for determining whether or not we are listening to someone in government who understands our worldview and will defend our right to have it.

If they enact policies or pass laws that don’t respect our right of belief and freedom of religion – or just as important these days – if politicians refuse to defend our rights against the barrage of attacks that come at us as people of faith?  Well we speak with a unified voice and those government leaders are replaced at the very next electoral opportunity with someone who will.

For more information, please refer to The Four Pillar Story


The Four Pillars are...

Parental Authority

Parents have the right to raise their children the way they want.

Right Of Belief

Those we elect to serve us in civil government must respect and defend our right of belief and freedom of religion.

Protection Of The Vulnerable

The laws and policies of civil government must provide for the safety and security of the citizens, especially the vulnerable.

Our Children And
Future Generations

It is inappropriate for civil government to heap debt upon the backs of our children and future generations.