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What is the National Leadership Briefing?

As people of faith and citizens of Canada, each one of us has authority.

The National Leadership Briefing is designed to inform citizens within the faith communities of Canada of the authority they possess and mobilize them into the realms of politics, government, society and culture.

On the first Friday of every month, citizens from across Canada come together for a one-hour informative webinar which addresses the most pressing government policy issues, our civic & biblical responsibility to respond and the power of utilizing our combined voice.

This nationwide initiative brings together faith leaders, community leaders, parents and citizens at large who are dedicated to growing support of our views and values.

We do this by positively communicating our views and participating in meaningful action that focuses on promoting these 4 Pillars.



The Four Pillars

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What Can I Do?

If you agree with the four pillars and are committed to promoting them within your spheres of influence, consider taking the next steps. This call to action will teach you how to stand with us to impact our nation.

If you would like to help promote the National Leadership Briefing, please visit our    Go Fund me page at:

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