What is the National Leadership Briefing?

Each of us is an influential person within our community. The National Leadership Briefing is designed to inform and mobilize citizens in order to raise awareness and encourage a climate of change within the community.

On the first Friday of every month, concerned citizens across Canada assemble together for a one hour informative webinar which addresses the most pressing government policy issues, our civic dutiesĀ  and calls to action.

This nation wide initiative consists of community leaders and citizens, collectively dedicated to the restoration of traditional moral standards for this generation and future generations. We aim to positively impact the nation by engaging in meaningful action in the four areas of greatest common concern. These four "rally" points form the four core pillars of our foundation.


The Four Pillars

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What Can I Do?

If you agree with the four pillars and are committed to promoting them within your spheres of influence, consider taking the next steps. This call to action will teach you how to stand with us to impact our nation.